Heat cannot kill Carona


The latest research from the World Health Organisation (WHO) says that Corona Virus is a very powerful one and it will not get killed due to excess heat in the summers.

It will not spread in the summers, but it would come back in the Winter and attack again. The only one way is to prevent it and run away from te Virus.

One way is to keep away from big groups. To be careful from other cough and cold. Maintain distance from other people. So far no vaccine has invented to prevent Corona Virus.

6000 people were killed due to this Coronavirus. It is spreading from one country to another and the patients at the quarantine wards are increasing.

Isolating the patient in the name of Quarantine for 14 days is a must. Stop travelling. Avoid eating out. Don’t neglect, the fever and cold. Maintain Hygiene and wash the hands properly.

Keeping yourself clean and fresh all the time is a must. Eat good, hot and fresh food. Don’t eat stored foods from the refrigerators. Avoid non -veg to the extent possible.

Strictly say no to non-veg from the hotels.