HCA Chief Azharuddin in trouble


There was trouble at the meeting of the Hyderabad Cricket Association. It was held at Uppal Stadium. The other members of the Association were very unhappy with the attitude of President Azharuddin.

They almost fought on the stage. Senior Congress politician questioned Azhar as to why he could not build any stadiums so far. Some of the members charged that Azharuddin was adopting all corrupt methods.

It has been decided that they would meet again on 11nth April. There were differences in the appointment of Ombudsmen also. The other members of the association were not cooperating with President Azharuddin.

It was clear that Azhar had an embarrassing situation on the stage in the Uppal stadium. The secretaries were not cooperating with him and they made corruption charges against the President.

They also disliked the process of players selection. It clearly indicates that all is not well with the Hyderabad Cricket association. It has to be seen how far they would be able to conduct the meeting here in April.

There were allegations that Azhar was not cleared for the fixing charges.