Corona hits the 1000 crore business! Hyderabad ki Haleem..


With the imposition of restrictions on Ramzan, the haleem makers are in deep trouble for the second time. Last year also they could not do proper business due to Corona.

All put together it is an Rs1000 crore business here in Hyderabad and other districts. This time the makers want to concentrate on home delivery and also parcels.

Many restaurant owners are concerned as there is no clarity over the functioning of hotels or if they will be permitted to set up ‘takeaway haleem outlets’ during evening hours.

So far, restaurant owners have not finalised their plans. “We are waiting to see if any exemption will be given to hotels in view of Ramzan. At the same time, we don’t think it will be a good season.

A plate of haleem at noted restaurants in the city costs anywhere between Rs 150 and Rs200.

Many fear that the Corona restrictions will hit their business on a large scale. “This will have a huge financial impact on restaurants and hotel owners as they earn some money during Ramzan through sale of haleem.

Also, the business provides jobs to thousands of people directly or indirectly and they will be without a job.

Seen widely during Ramzan, haleem is a mix of wheat, meat, ghee and spices – is the much-sought dish. People cutting across caste creed and community wait for the advent of Ramzan when the dish is prepared and sold during the evenings at restaurants.

Apart from the big restaurants, several small roadside haleem joints are set up during Ramzan offering the chicken or mutton variety of the haleem.

The Haleem Makers Association is getting ready to ask the government to permit them to set up takeaway counters at their restaurants.

“We have already started getting calls from customers enquiring about our plans. All social distancing guidelines will be followed if the permission is granted,” said some hotel owners.