Gol Maal at Covid vaccine centres


No one knows what ML of vaccine is to be given to the people. The nurses are giving the vaccine to 10 people and more from one bottle. What is the quantity that has to be taken in the syringe and given to the people is not specified?

There are some complaints that the nurses are just pushing empty syringes and sending away the people. But there is no proof for that. The police from the local police stations are collecting money and sending people from the backdoor for vaccination.

People above 70 must be sent directly for the vaccination. It is not happening at the free centres. Old ladies above 70 are made to stand in the line for about 3 hours for getting vaccinated.

The police constables are getting their own people and sending them for vaccination from the back door. The health department must see that people above 70 get the vaccination at the centre by way of a walk-in facility.

There are instances where the senior citizens have fainted in the lines to get vaccinated. Now, what about the people who are waiting for the first dose is the question.

The Cowin.gov.in portal is not working. The government has to spell out what is the future for the people who have not taken the first dose.