Cyberabad Sajjanar,Flags off VENNAPUSA free ambulance


Cyberabad Commissioner ADGP Shri VC Sajjanar, IPS., today.launched VENNAPUSA foundation Free Ambulance Service at Cyberabad CP Office

Sajjanar, IPS appreciated the generosity of VENNAPUSA Foundation Chairman Subba Reddy Vennapusa and VENNAPUSA Foundation Committee members V.R. Rami Reddy, V.R. Vigneshwar Reddy for providing free ambulance services to the needy People.

VENNAPUSA Foundation Chairman Subba Reddy said..* Over the past few days, I have seen the headlines in local and national news papers about Private Ambulance operators charging the Patients extreme higher rates by utilizing the current Pandemic situation.

Myself along with my family have discussed this and then decided to operate a Free Ambulance Service and accordingly met Sri. V.C. Sajjanar garu, Commissioner of Police of Cyberabad to discuss the same.

Sajjanar garu advised us to operate the Free Ambulance Service in sub-urban areas of Hyderabad as there is a need for Ambulances in those areas.

Since I have been doing the business in Shadnagar, R.R. District, over the past 5 to 6 years and also known the local conditions very well. So, I have decided to operate the Free Ambulance Service in *Shadnagar* and it is available to *Shadnagar Town and nearby rural areas*.

This is a Permanent Free Ambulance Service sponsored by VENNAPUSA Foundation and the Ambulance service may be used for all Emergency cases by calling a dedicated number 77 108 72 108 .