GIC founder and MP Santosh Kumar Birthday


Santosh Kumar the name synonymous with KCR the CM of AP is celebrating his birthday today. Santosh is more popular as the founder of Green India Challenge where crores of saplings are being planted under his leadership.

In fact, he deserves all the appreciation as no one has been able to plant so many crores of saplings like Santosh. He was able to convince the celebrity to plant the saplings as all others get inspired by the same.

Santosh has always been a soft-spoken man with a smile on his face like Mahesh babu. There are no controversies even after staying with the power centre for so many years.

He is the Rajya Sabha member who was able to convince the Union Ministers and MPs to plant saplings in the surroundings of the parliament building.

He has been able to send the message across the world to plant the saplings. Santosh never interfered in others decisions and stayed firm with the leader KCR at all times.

So far there is no remark on Santosh in any aspect. He has been maintaining low profile and continues to be royal to KCR the ultimate power centre.