Etela grabbed 70 acres of land


Etela Rajender the BJP MLA from Huzurabad has grabbed 70 acres of land stated BalkaSuman the MLA from TRS. The district collector must take back the land belonging to the Dalits Suman suggested.

He was addressing the media here in Hyderabad from the TRSLP. Now Etela must rub his nose on the ground as it is proved beyond doubt that he grabbed the lands of Dalits.

The lands have been registered illegally by Etela he alleged. Etela must agree that he has in fact grabbed the lands and got them registered illegally Suman stated.

Suman demanded that the district collector must take legal action against Etela for taking the lands back and giving them back to the Dalits immediately.

On the other hand, the wife of Etela has clarified that all they have done is legal and there is nothing illegal as being stated by the district collector.

If it is proved they would give the lands back to the Government. She charged that the TRS Government was wantonly putting Etela and the family members to hardships as he has joined the BJP.