General Precautions to the Public

Cyberabad Police

The police have suggested some precautions to thepublic for the smooth conduct of the Ganesh Immersion process and procession in Cyberabad.

Ganesh immersion

  • Ahead of Ganesh immersion in Cyberabad Police commissioner, the Cyberabad Police advises the general public to ensure the following for hassle-free movement of vehicles and people. This is being done to make sure that, all the festivities end on a positive note.
  • Public are requested to Co-operate with the police.
  • Please be carefull with your children, things and belongings.
  • The lakes in Cyberabad police Commissionerate is under CCTV surveillance.
  • Don’t believe in any rumours and don’t forward unnecessarily. Whatsapp group admins should be carefull in this regard.
  • Give your children a small chit of paper with your contact number written on it. This is to make sure that, if they get lost, it’s easy trace. Or make your children memorise the contact number.
  • Make sure that, your vehicles are parked in the right to place, to avoid any confusion by traffic police.
  • Keep all the emergency police numbers saved in your phone. In case of emergency, it becomes easier to contact directly.
  • Don’t hesistate to ask for Police help.
  • Ladies and Women are here by informed that the Cyberabad She teams will be on the ground during the immersion time. It is advise, for the women to save the she teams helpline number 9493622395 in their mobile phones in case if they face any eve-teasing or harassment they can report it directly to the helpline number.
  • If you find any Suspicious persons or things please inform Cyberabad police. Dial 100 or watsapp number 9490617444.