Ganesh Nimajjan: 5,500 Cops deployed in Cyberabad


Elaborate arrangements have been made in Cyberabad Police Commissionerate for a smooth and peaceful conduct during Ganesh immersion.

Cyberabad Police Commissionerate

  • The final mammoth immersion takes place on 12.09.2019 (11th day).
  • Total (10,188) Idols were installed in Cyberabad in which Madhapur Zone-2772, Balanagar Zone-3787 & Shamshabad Zone-3629.
  • Total (2369) idols will be immersed on final day. Large no. of idols (1560) to be immersed in IDL Tank.
  • Total (759) idols to be immersed in Hussain lake in which (169) from Rajendranagar and (57) from Sanathnagar PSs on final day. Total (339) idols to be immersed on final day.
  • There are total (27) lakes in Cyberabad in which GHMC limits-21 Lakes; Medchal Collectorate- 3 Lakes (1. Medchal lake, Shamirpet Lake & Suthariguda Lake) and Ranga Reddy Collectorate–3 Lakes (1. Surasamudram, 2. Buchiguda Lake, Amangal & 3. Chevella Gundam).
  • Total 36 Static and 54 mobile cranes sanctioned.
  • Total (5500) Police force deployed.
  • Anti-sabotage check shall be organised to sterilize the route of the procession and side lanes leading to the route.
  • Drones not permitted.