Farmers are the backbone of the country:PM


While the farmers are an agitation path Prime Minister Narendra Modi hailed farmers as the backbone of the country’s growth.

The farmers are demanding that the farm laws have to be repealed and there is no other option.

Speaking at an event to mark the centenary celebrations of the historic Chauri Chaura incident, he said that the NDA government in the last six years has taken measures to make farmers self-reliant.

“Farmers have been behind the progress of the country. They also played important role in Chauri Chaura struggle. In the last six years, steps have been taken to make farmers self-reliant.

As a result of this, the agriculture sector has grown even during the pandemic,” he said amid the farmers’ protest against the government’s three farm laws.

Prime Minister Modi said that the doors of the Government are always open for the talks with the farmers.

But the farmers are not interested in talks and they just want the laws to be repealed. The Modi government has said that they would keep the laws aside of about 18 months.

But the farmers are not convinced. Large number of farmers are pouring into the borders of Delhi to continue the agitation.