EC demands MAA elections as per schedule


It looks like there will be no unanimity for the MAA elections as desired by the senior hero and realtor Murali Mohan. There are around 5 candidates for the time being for the elections.

The present committee members have written to Krishnam Raju to hold the elections at the earliest. The elections are due in December.

Natasimham Balakrishna questioned the earlier committees as to what they did with the funds collected in America. He was ready to contribute to the construction of MAA building.

Dhee hero Manchu Vishnu one of the candidates said that he will build the MAA building on his own with his family funds. Vishnu also made wild comments that people who should be behind the bars are roaming free on the streets.

We do not know at whom he was giving the hints. He wants to reveal the names in the coming days. The elections are due in September. Prakash Raj is eagerly waiting for the elections. The mega family is supporting Prakash Raj.

Never before there was such a competition for the MAA elections. The committee headed by Naresh is now in power. Naresh objected to the was way Prakash Raj and others were rushing for the elections.