Early polls in Andhra Pradesh?


There is a talk that Jagan Mohan Reddy the CM of AP is thinking of early polls in the state. The idea is to reduce the Anti-incumbency to the extent possible.

There is a talk that Prashant Kishore the poll strategist who was supposed to be on the side of Chandrababu Naidu this time has been hired by Jagan again.

There are rumours that KCR is also planning to use Prashant Kishore this time.

In the last cabinet meeting, Jagan reportedly discussed early polls and asked for the opinion of ministers. Though the complete details are not out yet, YCP insiders are widely discussing the same.

On the whole Jagan’s tour of the secretariat has a strategy with elections in mind and that way he wants to checkmate the oppositions.

Now Jagan is planning ot visit the entire state just as a curtain-raiser to the elections. Even KCR wanted to tour the entire state but he is doing it in bits and pieces.