Drushyam-2 Movie review


Drushyam 2 is an Ok thriller. If you haven’t seen the first part and second part in Malayalam it is gripping and you will like it very much. If you have seen the first part and the second part in Malayalam it appears to be a film with a slow pace and lag.

Venkatesh as usual has done well and proved that he is a senior actor. The story is about how the hero fools the police till the end. There are some similarities here and there as the director Jeetu Joseph has also done the story part.

When compared to the first part the second part is slow to some extent. But if you are seeing the second part only, it appeals to you. It is a good story on the OTT platform. You can call it a one time watch when compared to the other movies.

We can say that at 60 Venkatesh has done well.