Chandrababu dead or alive is of no use!


Chandrababu Naidu dead or alive is of no use to the people said Kodali Nani the Minister of AP. Kodali said that if CM and PM visit the areas of floods, it will be of no use. They cannot resolve the issues immediately he suggested.

Talking to the media he said that it is Babu and his family who have bought Bhuwanesswari onto the roads. It is rains fury, Did Jagan pour the water into the districts he questioned?

It is for publicity, politics and gaining sympathy he is doing all this Nani blamed. Nani said that Jagan will definitely review the situation and take the right steps to solve the issues of floods.

The officers and the Ministers are in the field they are doing the things, CM Jagan’s visit will not resolve the issues overnight Kodali explained. He found fault with babu and the TDP leaders who are misleading the public.

Vallabahneni Vamsi was also present when Kodali was talking to the media. Kodali opined that the people don’t care or bother about the statements made by Chandrababu.

Babu is visiting the areas for the sake of publicity he opined.