Suresh Tiwari BJP MLA

Suresh Tiwari the BJP MLA from UP has said that we must no buy Vegetables from the Muslims Vendors. He said that people had an apprehension that the sellers were spitting on the vegetables before they are selling them.

That was the reason he has suggested them not to buy. It is a shocking statement, but he says that there was nothing wrong in it. There were some videos on the web also where the sellers with skull caps were spitting on the fruits and vegetables before selling them in the market. Taking this into account Suresh suggested that we must keep the Muslims sellers and vendors away and don’t take anything from them.

Yesterday there was a case where some Hindus surrounded a watermelon seller and the police intervene and saved the seller.

It has to be seen how the UP Cm Yogi and the BJP leaders will take on the statement of Suresh. So far there was no reaction from the or the Chief Minister of UP.

This kind of issues was reported from across the country, that the Muslims were trying to spread the Corona through vegetables and also the fruits. But so far no evidence was found by the police on this account.