Diesel crosses the petrol rate in Delhi

petrol price

Fuel rates have become a cause for concern to the common man across the country. The petrol and diesel rates have been rising on a daily basis on an average of around 60 paise per litre.

In Delhi, the diesel price has crossed the rate of petrol and consisting of around Rs 80per litre. Perhaps this is the first time that the diesel rate has crossed the rate of petrol in recent times of history.

Always diesel costed less than the petrol and thanks to Coronavirus the diesel rate has gone up. While the payments have become less ad the jobs are being removed across the world, in India the rates of files are going up.

Internally the crude rates are coming down, but the fuel rates in India are going up. The rates are going up on a daily basis. Both petrol and diesel rates are hovering around Rs 80.

The very fact of going for the diesel option is that it costs less than that of petrol. But new that too in Delhi the diesel rate has gone up when compared to petrol.

Along with fuel rates the prices of essential commodities have also gone up. The incomes are coming down , the prices are going up making the life of a common man very difficult on a day to day basis.