Dhoni could not save India


Finally, India has lost to Newzeland which was not expected. Dhoni who was selected for his expert advise and game fought till the end but was unable to perform in an aggressive fashion.

He was run out and finally, the bowlers who came to bat could not score the required runs in the end. Dhoni made 50 and at one time there was hope that he would win the match for India.


As soon as Dhoni departed from the scene, people knew that India was losing the match. Rohith and Kohli were equally responsible as they could not open the innings properly. If one of them had made some runs in the beginning, India would have easily entered the finals of the World cup. India was the hot favourite for many analysts but finally, India has lost. We can say that there was some overconfidence on the Indian side that they will make the required runs.

If there was no rain yesterday perhaps there was a chance that India would have pulled it off yesterday. After getting some rest the Kiwis performed well today and have won the match.