Chandrababu tech war against BJP

TDP Chief Chandrababu who is popularly known as Tech Babu is all set to launch a hi-tech war against the BJP at the centre and also the YSRC.

The BJP has launched writing on the social media against Babu as to what the centre has done for the state including the facts and figures.
Now Babu wants to keep the people informed that YSRC and BJP are hand in glove against the TDP.

He also wants to prove that Jana Sena Pawan is working for the BJP against the TDP. BJP spokesperson at the National level said that Chandrababu will be exposed soon.

The spokesperson also added that AP will become another Tripura, meaning BJP will win Tripura. While the BJP has already started its media war against TDP at a National level.

Babu who is also tech-savvy now is now getting ready for the same.

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But on the whole, a political turmoil is taking place across the nation and it is disadvantage BJP and Modi.

Now the Jodi of Modi and Shah can forget about the 350 seat target. It would not be possible to form the Government for BJP if they dont get at least 200 seats.

The future depends on all the permutations and combinations that the so-called fronts would do to trounce the BJP. At present BJP think tanks are pondering as to what actually went wrong and will they be able to cleanse the system further or keep quite and win the election.

Losing Gorakput itself was final indication that the BJP is nowhere. Lets hope things will change.