Buy vegetables on your own.. as you like


A vegetable shop in Jagityal is attracting crowds. There is no one to sell the vegetables and fruits here. It is an unmanned shop and the buyer has to take the Vegetables on his own.

The customer will select the vegetables and deposit the money on a counter or make google pay or by any other means. It is entirely on our sincerity that the farmer runs his shop.

People are coming to this sop to observe the concept and it is being talked about in the Jagityal Town. Mallareddy is the farmer who is getting stocks on daily basis and selling them directly.

The rates are marked and you have to take it or buy it on your own. The sales are good it is reported. Taking this into consideration some others are also planning to set up the shops in the same manner with no one on the counter.

Now pluck your vegetables and fruits is another concept where the customers can go the field and take the vegetables and fruits of their choice and pay at the counter outside.

This concept is picking up at the outskirts in many towns. People go to the fields at weekends pluck the vegetables and fruits of their choice. Some are calling them farm-fresh vegetables with no pesticides.

Some of them are delivering on a phone call also.