Boyapati Akhanda daawat at Peddamma Temple


Boyapati Srinivas the director of Akhanda has given a daawat here at Jubilee Hills Peddamma Temple. White rice and mutton was cooked where Boyapati the director was seen serving some unit members here in the Temple.

The Temple was decorated like a cinema set. It looked as if the shooting was going on. People who came to the Temple for Ammavari Darshan had mutton rice.

Boyapati was seen removing the mask for giving selfies to the people who came to the temple. Some artists were also seen along with Boyapati.

People were expecting the hero Balakrishna here at the Temple. But he could not make it. Both Balakrishna and Boyapati have religious sentiments and that was the reason the Pooja was performed here. Rice and mutton was served.

The people from Tollywood appreciated Balakrishna for the way he has given his output for the movie. The dialogues and scenes revealed so far are very outstanding.

Now Boyapati and Balakrishna are planning for the movie launch function. After Akhanda Balakrishna has signed 4 films and Boyapati is getting Allu Arjun film.