Allu boy again with Boyapati


Allu Arjun the Pushpa hero is Keeping his movie Icon aside for Boyapati Srinivas it is reported. Boyapati gave a hit called Sarainodu to Allu Arjun.

It is reported that Venu Sriram the Vakeel Saab director is unable to put things together for the movie Icon. That is the reason Icon will be kept aside and Allu Arjun will take up the movie of Boyapti Srinivas who is on a high with Akhanda.

Before Pushpa 2 Allu Arju will do the movie of Boyapati and the sittings are going on. Pushpa one is getting ready for the release. Venu Sriral could complete the movie Vakeel saab with the Push of director Trivikram and producer Dil Raju. Now it is not easy for to do the project with Allu Arjun.

So Arjun has opted for Boyapati Srinivas for the second time. Boyapati is a mass director and can do things with all the responsibility. Right now he is basking under the glory of Akhanda movie.

It is going to be a sensational hit and there is no doubt about it. The dialogues of Balakrishna are like the explosion of a landmine.