BJP working for Adanis and Ambanis :KTR


Minister for IT and Municipal Administration KT Rama Rao today charged that the BJP Government is working for Adanis and Ambanis. They are ot working for the poor people he opined.

He was talking at the RTC Kalyanamandapam today with the owners of the educational institutions. He found fault with the BJP leaders for calling the TRS Governance as a family rule.

What about Scindias, Yedurappas, Gandhis and others ?Are they not doing the family rule he questioned? Why point out KCR family he asked. We trounced the MIM in old city last time. We stopped the MIM. We will be number one and not BJP or the MIM he opined.

BJP is trying to pitch Bin Laden, Baluchistan into Hyderabad which is uncalled for he said. Spell out what is that the people want. Why Talk about Pakistan he asked.

Why Delhi leaders for this Galli election? They are trying to create ruckus across the Telangana from Hyderabad KTR said. What about the 15 lakh deposit in Jan Dhan Khata he asked?

BJP is just bluff Jumla party he ridiculed. Now there is no Andhra -Telangana Panchayat he clarified. The issues will be resolved and GHMC election will not be involved. We are in power for three years and the teachers issues will also be resolved he assured.

4 lakh teachers are there we are thinking about it he stated. We did not hike any taxes in the last 6 years he reminded. Hyderabad is the heart of the city, let them not divide the city he suggested.