Astrologers predict a TRS win


Most of the popular astrologers are of the opinion that the BJP will give a tough fight to the TRS and finally TRS is going to take the Mayor post with a slender margin in the city.

KCR has turned the tables on BJP in the GHMC elections by announcing free water. Raja Singh the BJP MLA is very unhappy with the attitude of the BJP chief Bandi Sanjay and he may not cooperate with the party in his constituency as his followers did not get the GHMC seats.
The new MLA Raghunandan from Dubbaka in a hurry has talked against YSR in the name of his death and said that the TRS leaders will also face the same fate.

This did not go well with the YSRC cadres in the city and they have turned against the BJP. According to astrology both stars of Narendra Modi and also the BJP party are not doing that well. They will struggle till the end but will lose the election with a slender margin.

At the same time the Ministers of TRS have taken the responsibility of the GHMC candidates. So it is TRS will all the way. The BJP might get a few seats and the Congress will be no where. The MIM will easily get more than 45 seats.

That is the latest situation. People are responding very well to the roadshows of KTR . The sops announced by KCR the TRS chief has sent shivers down the line of BJP.

They do not know what to do and how to counter the TRS election manifesto. Free water is going to fetch a lot of votes to the TRS in this election. The Cine workers have also decided to vote for the TRS.