Prakash Raj

The BJP is a bunch of shameless people said Prakash Raj the popular actor who is planning to contest in the coming parliament elections. Prakash said that he would not join any party and most of the political parties are dishonest he stated.

Prakash Raj found fault with the BJP people for staying in a resort on Sankranthi. Being the Gau bhakts they must be at home for Sankranthi he opined.

Prakash Raj

To protect the MLAs from poaching they were kept in a luxury resort said Prakash Raj. Prakash said that he would support the secular forces and also would like to take their support for his election. He would be contesting as an independent and will not join any party.

Prakash Raj said that he was not against joining the Mahagadbandhan which is being formed against the BJP and Prime Minister Modi. Prakash is wanting to contest from Bengaluru central and he grew up there and opined that there are secular people.BJP is holding the seat. After Rajinikanth, Kamalhassan Prakash is the latest entry into the politics.

He has been campaigning against the BJP government from time to time.