Balapur laddu- Bangaru laddu at 16.60 lakhs

Balapur laddu- Bangaru laddu at 16.60 lakhs

Srinivas Gupta of Arya Sangham got the Balapur Bagaru laddu this time in the auction at 16.60 lakhs.

Purchasing Balapur Laddu prasadam in the auction is a big event in Hyderabad and it is shown live on the TV Channels. This laddu after consuming is then sprinkled across the agriculture fields and better agriculture yields are achieved. That is the belief. This time the organisers are giving 21 Kg laddu and 2 KG silver plate for the people who win the laddu in the auction.

Last year the Laddu was auctioned at around Rs 15 lakhs. This time it will be more. The laddu auction started at Rs 450 and now reached to Rs 15.60 lakh last year which is a record price. The Balapur Laddu has a special recognition for its sanctity and power. Whoever got the laddu has prospered. 40 people have registered for the laddu auction. Last 25 years the laddu was being auctioned and people who got the laddu have tasted the success and prosperity.

Members of the Teegala family and Kolanu family along with MP Vishweshwar Reddy were here for the auction process. The auction money is being used for the development works in Balapur. MLA Teegala Krishna Reddy said that after getting the Laddu earlier he became the MLA .