Azharuddin has many questions?


Azharuddin the former Cricket captain of India and the present chief of the Cricket association has many questions to ask? It may be noted that Azhar is being blamed for not getting any IPL matches to Hyderabad.

But he has many questions to others as to what did they do for the cricket in the last several decades. Azhar who failed as a politician is now back with cricket and trying to do something for the cricket development in Hyderabad.

He was in the Congress party as an MP and then tried to join the TRS for the Secunderabad ticket. But failed in his attempt. Later he tried for HCA post and failed.Now he has won the HCA post.

He said that Hyderabad was more upset than anyone about not hosting IPL matches. A few days ago, I appealed to BCCI Secretary Jai Shah to hold IPL matches in Hyderabad, especially in Ahmedabad.

At that point he responded positively. Because Hyderabad did not get a chance. I contacted the BCCI seniors on this and they assured me that they would give me a chance to organise other matches instead of the IPL.

The IPL issue aside, some former HCA rulers have recently targeted and criticized me.

I’m the only one asking them directly. What have you done for the development of cricket in the last 24 years? What about the Rs 200 crore funding from the BCCI?

He demanded that the people who are making allegations must answer all these questions first and then question him.