Allari Naresh follows the footsteps of Sunil

Allari Naresh

Comedy was the forte for Sunil, but Rajamouli made Sunil a hero and he managed to do some films. Most of them were hits, but producers did not offer him any more movies and they were not interested in taking the risk any more.

Later Sunil started accepting the roles of a comedian again as he could not survive in the market as a side hero also. Now he is again doing comedy roles and Trivikram Srinivas is giving him the work in his films.

In the same fashion, Allari Naresh who was a comedy hero earlier has no films these days. He is the son of popular director late EVV Satyanarayana.

Allari Naresh recently acted as a character actor along with Mahesh for Maharshi which was a superduper hit. Now Naresh is ready for all kinds of roles like Sunil.

Both of them are good are acting and very good at comedy. But they don’t have enough market as heroes and they are forced to do all kinds of roles now.

Both of them have announced through media they are ready for all kinds of roles. Lets hope they will get good work soon. Sunil has a god father called as Trivikram Srinivas, But Naresh is yet to find a godfather.

His father EVV was big man and it will take some time for Allari Naresh to settle down as a character actor.