Popular Comedian and Cinema star Ali said that he is missing the Haleem and also the shopping around Charminar this time. He said that his parent’s nad relatives used to come to him to Hyderabad for Celebration Ramzan every year.

But he is unhappy that this time he is unable to meet the relatives and also go to masjids for prayers. He said that shopping around the Charminar was a big thrill for Ramzan. He was also reminded of the beauty of he Charminar and also the night shopping at the Lad Bazaar.

He said that Hyderabad in Ramzan is very special and he used to come to Hyderabad from Madaras all the way to see the grand view of the Charminar with lighting.

He was also unhappy that they could not go for the group prayers and also meeting for the Idd Mubarak. Coming to dishes he said that every day is very special for him and said that his wife was an expert cook.

He complimented the CM KCR for implementing the lockdown and containing the COVID Virus from time to time. Ali said that he was always open and spoke his mind and there was nothing to hide.

He advised he people to stay indoors and get isolated from the Corona.