MIM MLA and former floor leader in the Assembly Akbaruddin Owaisi is overconfident these days. He says all the CMs have to bow before the MIM and its power. Earlier he questioned if Deve Gowda could become the Chief Minister why not a CM from MIM. The followers of MIM are thoroughly enjoying his election speeches.

His brother Asaududdin Owaisi the MP from Hyderabad is balanced but Akbar says he was the kingmaker for all the Governments and CM and now also he would be the Kingmaker. Every CM including the KCR the Present CM has to take the support of MIM he said. This time MIM will get 7 to 8 seats and with this number, he is dreaming of staking the claim to form the Government or would become the Kingmaker.

MIM is already supporting the TRS Government from the beginning.

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This kind of talk is enthusing the MIM followers and old city crowds, but others are of the opinion that Akbaruddin is becoming overconfident by the day. He is reeling out the names of all the chief Ministers and saying that they have been supported by the MIM. The Jhuknapadtha word is not right. Meaning they have to bend before MIM. But it is true that one-third of the constituencies have Muslims population and they decide the winner.

It would be wise on the part of Asaduddin to correct his brother Akbar for such words.