YSRC MP looks at BJP

Raghurama Krishnam Raju

Raghurama Krishnam Raju the who contested many times has now successfully become an MP from the YSRC. He contested many times and changed many political parties. But finally, he got success now. Krishnam Raju is known for cockfights in Andhra Pradesh and he is related to KVP Ramachandra of the Congress party.Both of them have a lot of business interests in common. But there are rumours that Krishnam Raju always like the BJP and he contested on the YSRC ticket as he had no other option. Now he wants to be in the party which is in power at the centre.

Now there is a chance that Krishnam Raju might shift to the BJP in the near future. He is very close to the higher ups in the BJP. With his contacts, there is a talk that he is already warming up to the BJP. There is a chance that he might opt out of the YSRC and join the BJP under the leadership of Modi.

But how would Jagan the AP CM and the YSRC chief react to this is a different matter. But before taking the final decision, the MP Krishnam Raju must think twice and consult his relatives also. Sometimes this kind of decision might boomerang also. There are 22 YSRCP MPs and there are rumours that a few might opt for BJP in the course of time.