There is no point in talking to YSRC leader Jagan opined AP CM Chandrababu Naidu. Talking to a news channel Chandrababu said that Jagan makes wild allegations without facts and figures and said that it was better to ignore him.
Babu said that YSR had a way of argument he was somewhat better than Jagan. When the anchor pointed out that he was the leader of opposition, Babu said that he wanted a better opposition.
On the other hand Jagan is making allegations that Babu is involved in a major scam involving thousands of crores for the construction of Amaravathi in AP. Jagan said that the Swiss challenge is a bogus way of inviting tenders for the construction. But the TDP is brushing the allegations aside.
In reality Babu and YSR helped each other when they lost the power especially in terms of their personal commitments. Babu cleared the land for YSR for construction of his house. Anyway Jagan is a no match for his father YSR  as Lokesh is no match for Babu.