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Young Tiger NTR is viral on the web. The Young Tiger is fighting with a Tiger in the forest for the movie RRR being directed by Rajamouli. The episode has been shot and loaded on the web some culprits.

The director is of the opinion that the damage has already been done. Rajamouli was taking all the care to see that no scene is leaked outside.

The movie crew is not being allowed with cell phones into the shooting area.But it is not known how the shots were leaked on to the web. Some of them were deleted, but the Tiger scene has already been Viral. It is learnt that Rajamouli is planning to change the scene.

The movie release date has already been postponed. It is a prestigious movie for Rajamuli after the stupendous success of Baahubali one and two.

Ramcharan and NTR are working for the movie in all and they have not given the dates to other movies so far. But NTR has finalised a movie with Trivikram Srinivas in the name of Ainanu Poyi Ravale Hasthinaku. Ramcharan is yet to decide the next movie after RRR.