You can ignore Thikka


Hero, from mega compound Sai Dharam Tej was going great guns in his career. But now he has selected a wrong movie . Thikka, Directed by Sunil Reddy, this film has hit the screens and initial reports are negative.
Aditya(Sai Dharam Tej) is a happy go lucky employee who falls in love with Anjali(Larissa Bonessi). The story starts when complications erupt between the couple and they break up with each other.
Disappointed with this, Aditya calls for a breakup party with his friends. A freaky incident during the party changes the course of Aditya’s life. New characters like a dreaded don, a prostitute and heroine’s father create even more confusion in the proceedings.
Sai Dharam Tej stays Ok and has tried his level best . The young hero performs well in all the drunken scenes and showcases good comedy timing. From the beginning, everything goes wrong. Two songs come back to back and ignite the irritating in you. The story has absolutely no emotions and whatever shown are also over the top. The film is so loud at times that you feel like walking away from the theaters at once.
The logic is lost and there is no justification of what so ever . There is absolutely no chemistry between the lead pair. Mannara Chopra looks outright silly in her role. The entire first half of the film has no meaning and the execution is very bad.
Sunil Reddy, has spoiled the film there is no second thought about this.He might have got the basic point of confusion comedy right on paper, but his narration and the way he has dealt with emotions leave a lot to be desired. Thikka is s film which Sai Dharam Tej should forget and the cine goers must ignore the same unless they are die hard fans of this actor.
Director : Sunil Reddy
Producer : Dr. Rohin Reddy
Music Director : S. Thaman
Starring : Sai Dharam Tej, Larissa Bonesi, Mannara
Rating : 2.25/5