Srireddy changes her tune day in and day out. The controversial lady who makes allegations on daily basis is now contemplating to join YSRC it is reported. She is in touch with the YSRC chief Jagan and has been blasting Pawan Kalyan left and right. She warned Pawan that people will break his bones if he tries to talk against Jagan at any point in time. There are indications that Srireddy could be used to expose Pawan Kalayan. There is also a possibility that she might contest on the YSRC ticket in the near future.

Srireddy has never been consistent with what she talks and she is trying to be in the news somehow or the other. But she is dead against the Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan and the YSRC can use her to bash up Pawan. Jagan Jolikosthe Bokkalu Chura Chura chesta, she warned Pawan Kalyan. Meaning she will break the bones of Pawan and make them into a powder. But the Chiranjeevi family members have been avoiding Srireddy, as she was the one who exposed the issue of casting couch and one of the managers of Mega movie 150 was exposed in the process.