Yes to Chiru no to Balaiah

Amitabh is a universal hero . Everyone wants Big B in their movies. His presence makes all the difference to the movie and also at the box office.

Chiranjeevi the mega hero has started his prestigious Uyyalava and also announced that big B has agreed to do a role in this movie.

Yes to Chiru no to Balaiah

Chirus fans and mega compound heros are elated with this confirmation from Big B. His presence will make the movie a more prestigious one.

But it is reported that director Krishna Vamsi and Balaiah are very unhappy. Earlier they have approached Big B for a role in his movie Rythu.

Big B is yet to give dates to Vamsi. If Amitabh says yes Vamsi will start Rythu with Balaiah.
But all said and done Amitabh could have his own reasons for saying yes to Chiru and no to Balaiah.