It could be worse for BJP in TS and AP

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It is now clear that the opposition unity is working. The Jodi of Shah and Modi must know that they must live in reality and work for the welfare of people and that the digital media will not save them in the near future. They must not behave with attitude and arrogance. They wanted to make Karnataka as the gateway to the South and it turned out to be just a window.

It is like a wake-up call to the BJP leaders especially Modi and it is time that he stops foreign jaunts and must concentrate on local issues like fuel prices GST banking so on and so forth.

The BJP leaders are claiming that they want to come to power in the Telugu states. This will just remain a pipe dream. The BJP has just a few MLAs here in Telangana and the reality is that they don’t gel well. One of the MLAs close to Modi just laughed when the Editor of talked about coming to power in Telangana.

Even in Andhra, the situation is bad for the BJP. They may get some seats here and there. Who knows Pawan Kalyan might become a king like JDS Gowda of Karnataka. Jagan might join Pawan to stop Chandrababu from coming power.

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When it comes to Telangana, the Congress is far ahead than the BJP. The TRS has all the chances of coming back to power here in Telangana. The farmers and the poor will elect KCR back to power.

It is better for the BJP at the centre to limit themselves to North and come back to power again in 2019. All the surveys are indicating that it will be NDA again. But if the opposition gangs up under one roof it could be difficult for Modi to make a come back in 2019.

If the BJP is crumbling in UP, the same will be repeated across the country. But the BJP is already looking at the new areas for MP seats. They don’t bother losing assemblies and they want the MPs across the country. It is better for Amit Shah the BJP chief to ignore the Telugu states.