Worlds heaviest woman in Mumbai

500-kg Egyptian Eman Ahmed, who is touted as the world’s heaviest woman landed in Mumbai today for a bariatric surgery.

36-year-old Eman, who is scheduled to undergo a bariatric surgery and subsequent treatment in Mumbai arrived with sister Shaimaa Ahmed.

Worlds heaviest woman in Mumbai

As per reports, Iman was diagnosed with elephantiasis soon after she was born. Her birth weight was a staggering 5 kilograms.Eman has not be able to come out of her home in Cairo in last 25 years because of her massive weight.

For this reason, authorities have arranged and modified a special Egypt Air Airbus 300-600 freighter aircraft that will fly the lady to India.

A team of doctors comprising of a consultant bariatric surgeon, a cardiac surgeon, an endocrinologist,a cardiologist among others will operate upon the patient.