world peace summit

In September, “2019 World Peace Summit” is being held over 130 locations in 87 countries including India, South Korea, France, Australia, Russia, Sri Lanka, Zambia, and the United States of America in cooperation between an international peace NGO named HWPL and international actors – civil society organizations and governments.

In India, HWPL hosted the event with Bharati College on September 5th. With the theme of “Legislate Peace”, the event presented the progress of the “Legislate Peace” project, that urge for the support for the establishment of international law for peace based on the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW).

At the event, India schools and organizations including Modern school(Greater Noida), The Holy public school, GD Goenka international school have signed MOUs for further participation-based peace education and activities that customized for Indian culture using the peace materials provided by HWPL.

As a part of peace initiatives, more than 200 educational institutions in 21 countries including India, Romania, Republic of South Africa, Israel, Kosovo, the Philippines are designated as HWPL Peace Academies to train the educators and students with the value of peace beyond boundaries, races, and religions.