Wink Priya is a dancer too

We know that Priya Prakash Varrier, India’s latest social media sensation is a terrific singer. The young girl is blessed with a sweet voice and we have seen her videos which display her singing prowess.

But it looks like Priya is a multi-talented personality. The 18-year-old B.Com student seems to be an accomplished dancer too. Going by one of her Instagram posts, it looks likely that she is trained in Mohiniattam, a classical Indian dance form.

Wink Priya is a dancer too

The queen of expressions has thus become the third “celebrity” to attain such a feat and has now joined the league consisting of American model -TV personality Kylie Jenner and legendary footballer Cristiano Ronaldo!

They are the only two celebrities ahead of her to gain such mammoth following in just one day.

Priya made netizens go crazy over her mesmerising expressions in a viral video and has reportedly broken a record! Guess what, she has gained about 606K followers within a day!