Will win 100 divisons says Jagadish

minister jagadish reddy

Minister for Energy Jagadish warned the BJP leaders must talk properly and think before talking against the Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao. Addressing the media Jaadish clarified that the TRS was contesting all the 150 divisions and that they are not having any alliance with any of the parties.

He demanded that the BJP chief Bandi Sanjay must clarify as to why did Asadduddin and Modi the PM had a secret meeting. What was behind the meeting.

He opined that Modi was taking the help of MIM to win the elections in many parts of the country. Both MIM and the BJP are hand in glove in many elections he stated.

Branding KCR as anti-National was not right he opined. The BJP leaders must think twice before making allegations he suggested. Otherwise they will be dragged to the court he warned.

The Congress was also hand in glove with the BJP at Dubbaka he charged. Congress and BJP urged the SEC to stop the flood relief he stated and now going back on the same he stated.

The people are reading between the lines of the BJP and the Congress statements he opined.The TRS is ready for the discussion on the development of Hyderabad he challenged.

The TRS will win more than 100 divisions Jagadish predicted. Sanjay the BJP chief must go to police station and not the Temple if he thinks his letter was forged Jagadish suggested.