Lockdown Extended Till 30th


Will the Lockdown be further extended till the end of May? This is the question that is doing rounds in the state of Telangana. Yesterday Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao expressed his happiness that the Covid cases were coming down drastically in the state and especially in the GHMC area.

But there are areas where the people are not really taking the lockdown seriously. They are not wearing masks and they are sitting in groups and moving in groups in their own basthis and colonies.

The decisions on extension of the lockdown will be taken on 20th of this month. The Cabinet is supposed to sit with the Chief Minister KCR to make a final decision.

There is every chance that the lockdown could be extended till month end to further reduce the possibility of Corona in the state. As they are giving a relief of 4 hours on daily basis in the morning the people are getting the essential commodities very easily.

Food items and cooked food are being delivered to homes on daily basis. Pizza Hut, Burger King and some hotels giving delivery are making good business these days.

The police department is delivering food to the homes of Covid patients in a big way. A patient can easily get good hygienic food on WhatsApp. Thanks to the Telangana police.

The attendees of the patients and some beggars are also getting free food these days. The situation in Telangana is better when compared to other states.

CM KCR has given a call to the people that they must use the Government Hospitals for treatment.