Fadnavis the Chief Minister of Maharastra along with Ajit Pawar the Deputy CM has just two days to prove the majority it looks like. The BJP has got 24 hours to get the numbers right.

Congress says that the Fadnavis has no other option but to resign from the post. Now the real abilities of the so-called Chanakya called the modern Chanakya are at stake.

The court will examine the papers filed by the Maha Government and also the explanation from the central Government and then would take a decision on the floor test.

The NCP and Sena are hopeful that they will come to power. But 60 per cent of the political analysts are of the firm opinion that the BJP will stick to the Government that they have formed.

All the political parties are taking steps to hold their flock together. There could be horse-trading in form or the other here in Maharashtra. Like the BJP formed theGovernment overnight, they might also get the numbers for them overnight today.

The 3 judge bench refused to order the floor test with immediate effect. It was a dramatic Sunday for Maharashtra. Sibal opined that it was Bizzare that president rule was revoked early in the morning before 6 am.