A popular hairdresser claimed that Amaitabachchan the big man called as the Big B of the industry was not innocent and she knew several things about him regarding the Me Too revelations. But the fans of Amitabh trolled her thinking that she was accusing Amitabh of molestation. She again posted that nothing happened to her but she knows what the Big B has done to other and she was expecting the other ladies to come out in open.

Amitabh as an elderly man at 76 said that women should be respected and that they must not harrassed so on and so forth. But one lady has pointed a finger against him. So far he has not explained anything over the allegations made by the popular hairdresser.

But there are ladies who said that it is not just pointing the fingers and making allegations, the women must come out with clear evidence so that some action can be initiated. A BJP leader also said that the women who were making allegations were not that innocent.

Some of them were digging out things that happened decades ago and few of them have the evidence in the form of other actors. But will they vouch for the same as witnesses the question?

Let’s hope big B will himself explain on the allegations that he is facing.