It will be Ram-Ram to BJP

The benefits of being in alliance with the BJP are not visible.

Both the BJP and TDP are unhappy and they will go for divorce in the near future. It is inevitable.

Having to explain has become a burden for us,” says a senior member of Naidu’s inner circle.

There is a huge difference in the relations between the BJP and TDP in Telangana and in Andhra. The BJP was quick to dump the TDP after a poor show in 2014, pointing out that Naidu’s outfit is seen as an Andhra party in Telangana.

It will be Ram-Ram to BJP

The TDP’s decision to raise the voice levels against the BJP was entirely political. At the heart of the move is the feedback from the ground — both offline and online — that a case of neglect of Andhra’s interests is strongly established in the public.

The BJP got a taste of public ire when its state unit’s Facebook page was littered with comments critical of the Budget.

The BJP will take away a bit of the anti-TDP vote in the urban constituencies and even that marginal vote share in a tight contest will mean Advantage TDP.

It will be Ram-Ram to BJP