Will not allow Modi to sleep:Rahul

rahu gandhi

Rahul Gandhi the Congress Chief who is on a high after winning the 3 states, said that he will not let Prime Minister Modi sleep unless and until the Governments waives all the loans of all farmers in the country. He was talking to the media outside the parliament and said that it took just hours for the Congress Governments in the states to waive the loans of the farming community.


Rahul chided at Modi by saying that the NDA Government waives loans only of the rich people and that it is burdening the farmers and common man in the long run.The opposition will bend the NDA government and get all the loans cleared he said. The farmers and the small shopkeepers are looted by the Modi Government he alleged. Demonetisation is the biggest scam in the world he opined.He said that the Congress party is with the farmers and that it will fight for them and get the loans waived.