There were rumors in the Telugu film industry that Namratha was trying to make a come back. Some people also indicated that she would be acting with her husband Mahesh in the next film. The Tollywood  was talking  nothing but Mahesh and his upcoming project with Murugadoss, there were lot of discussions going about this film, very often there is rumoring smoking that, after long gap Mahesh and Namratha is getting back onscreen with this project.

 Mahesh Babus fans are now eagerly waiting for this combination after “Vamsi” but unfortunately it’s sad to say that, it is not happening anymore hereafter as well, of course you all are disappointed but that’s true!! It is confirmed through  Naramata Mahesh only.

Namratha opened up on these rumors which are spreading like wild fire about her cameo in Mahesh upcoming project with Murugadoss, finally Namarata says “I’m not pairing up with Mahesh again, not hereafter as well”. She is happy with the role of a super star in Telugu and she would like to continue with the same. She is not interested in using the make up again. She is also busy with the grooming of her children.