Will Kamal Hassan say no to politics


After Rajinikanth there is a chance that Kamal Hassan might say no to politics in the future. Right now he is out of danger and is doing well after the Corona attack.

Earlier Rajini also said no to politics for health reasons. Kamal lost most of the elections he contested and did not make any impact on the people of Tamilnadu.

If Rajini was there it would have been a different ballgame altogether, but Rajini opted out. We have to see how long the Bharateeydu star can sustain in politics without winning a seat.

Mega Star Chiranjeevi in fact has suggested that Rajini should not come into politics. Now Kamal should also look into this statement. If Chirnajeevi says so, he means it.

There should be no second thinking for Rajini or Kamal. Right now Stalin is doing a good job. People are astonished at the way he is moving around with the down to earth attitude.