Danam Nagender

I was with the Congress in various positions since decades said Danam Nagendar the former Minister and MLA.

Danam opined that Congress was encouraging only one section of the society. A lot of tickets were given without my knowledge when i was the Congress chief Nagendar said. I complained several times to the high command. I met the chief of Congress Rahul Gandhi for the BCs and I gave him the details that the BCs were not encouraged in the party.

I told Rahul that the BCs must be taken into confidence and gave him the data. He gave the example of K Kesava Rao and D Srinivas who joined the TRS. I was a hardworking soldier but nothing happened.

I was very patient and waited for long. 256 BC castes are there in Telangana and they are about 3.6 crore people he said. More than 50 percent are the BCs in the state of Telangana and we are the deciding factor he said.

The Congress is humiliating the backward classes he said. The BCs were not allowed to speak in the bus yatra and only upper castes were allowed to speak he explained. Hanumanth Rao is also a dummy he opined. Ponnala Laxmaiah is also sulking in the party he revealed. The BCs met last Sunday and they came from 31 districts and we have decided to resign from the party he stated.

What the Congress Ministers from the state do for Telangana he questioned. We will show the results in the future. The people who joined the TRS are happy and they are able to do something for the people he said. I am a grass root level worker he said. That is the reason I have resigned from the Congress party he explained.

He thanked Ghulamnabi for encouraging him. He sent the resignation to all the concerned and there will be no going back. I cannot go back he said. I am raising the voice for the BCs of the state who are more than 50 per cent he said. The TRS is doing well for the BCs.

I dont want any assurance or any post I will fight for the BCs he said. Will join TRS and take any responsibility that they give he concluded.