Will Jagan change all the Ministers?


There is a talk that Jaganmohan Reddy is all set to reshuffle his cabinet. But some people close to Jagan say that it is not the question of the reshuffle, but he is going to change the entire team and give chance to new faces.

But will this happen is the big question. Roja is said to the new Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. The intelligence on the other hand has already given a detailed report to the Chief Minister in the form of a progress report.

But will things go according to the intelligence report? There is also a talk that Jagan is unhappy with the performance of some of the Ministers. People want Kodali Nani to be changed.

But will Jagan sack Kodali Nani? Right now Jagan is in trouble from the Judiciary. Justice Ramana will be the new Chief Justice. The complaint made by Jagan against Ramana was ignored by the Government.

Jagan’s team also abused the Judges left and right. In future, the Judges will definitely fix Jagan and he is going to face the music. Taking all this in to account if he changes the Ministers, they may also go against Jagan from the back door.

There are some ministers who were trying to take the position of Jagan, in case he goes to jail. Some of them are encouraging Sharmila to start the party in Andhra.
Right now Jagan is in a spot.