Will it be KTR or Harish Rao?


There is widespread talk in the political circles that it could be Harish Rao or KTR for the health Ministry. When Harish Rao was there to review the Covid situation with Union Minister Harshvardhan.

People said that Harish will get the health Ministry. As there is no chance of cabinet expansion, now the Ministry has to be shifted to someone in the cabinet.

Yesterday KTR the Minister for IT talked to some companies and ministry on tackling the Covid situation. Now there is a talk that KTR might get the health Ministry as an additional responsibility.

Right now it is with the Chief Minister KCR. The respective ministers of the districts are taking care of the Covid situation across the state. But there has to the accountability of a Minister at this crucial point in time.

It could be Harish Rao more than KTR who will be given the responsibility it looks like. The MLC election has also been postponed by the EC taking the Corona conditions to account.

There are allegations that Etela Rajendar has been stripped of the responsibility as the Government has issued tenders for producing the Vaccines.

There were apprehensions that Etela could make a quick buck out of the tenders. Now the Chief Minister KCR is closely monitoring the Global tenders issued for producing the Vaccines.